5 Proven Metformin Natural Alternatives That Cure Diabetes

By: Michael McEvoy FDN, CNC, CMTA (Nutritional consultant)
Berberine sulfate is an amazing herbal compound that is found in a variety of plants all over the world. Research has shown berberine sulfate is one of the most powerful botanical compounds for regulating high blood sugar. This is an extraordinary information is somebody is a type 2 diabetes.

It also has been shown to attenuate blood lipid metabolism via improving the uptake of certain LDL receptors in the liver. So it is completely different than taking a statin drug & metformin which is known to cause all sorts of symptoms, side effects, and possible toxicities.

Berberine is the most powerful compound for anybody that has type 2 diabetes, high hemoglobin A1C, or high blood sugar. So now you can get rid of your toxic metformin medicine, and try the much safer, free side effects alternative; berberine.

So let’s talk about some of the major plants that contain this amazing berberine compound. As I mention there are many plants all over the world that naturally contain this berberine in it.

In the United states for example probably 3 most common plants are: goldenseal, oregon grape root which I have right here in this jar. This is a jar of oregon grape root that soaking in vodka and alcohol. The alcohol is being used as a solvent to extract the berberine and the other herbal compounds in it.

Another herb in the US called greater celandine. Celandine is another rich source of berberine. The 4th plant in the US is barberry which is very similar to oregon grape root.

But what is the plant with the single highest berberine content?
A lot of people who are taking berberine they don’t realize they can actually take this from the actual plant. They can grow the herb, harvest it, and extract the berberine and the other alkaloids found in the plant. They can take it as a tincture form and they can even compound the whole root of the plant so you don’t have to necessarily just take the berberine supplement by itself; you can get all the beneficial plant compounds by extracting the plant’s constituent using alcohol.

According to research, the richest source of berberine in terms of every plant that has been tested is a Chinese herb called coptis (in chinese medicine known as Huang Lian).
natural equivalent to metformin

You can see how rich this is, this is sitting in an alcohol. You can see the yellow sides to the jar. You can see how rich in the berberine this is, the berberine that has the strong yellow texture that you are actually seeing that way. This has been soaking in alcohol for about 1 day. Typically when you tincture herbs you want to do it for at least 3-6 weeks.

The berberine is an extremely bitter compound that as I mentioned works on the blood sugar in a very powerful way.
Research shows berberine stimulates GLUT 1 and GLUT 4 which are major glucose transporter proteins that are found in the cells and it also has been shown to improve nitric oxide synthase.
Traditionally berberine containing herb has been used in herbal traditions for thousand of years specifically for liver toxicity and liver related problem like hepatitis. New study has been showing that berberine is the most powerful compound for people that has diabetes, high hemoglobin A1C, or high level of blood sugar.

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5 Proven Metformin Natural Alternatives That Cure Diabetes
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