#1 Best A1c Test Kit For SelfCheck At Home

I'm here today to speak to you about a very simple blood test that addresses an epidemic that's been growing larger with every passing year diabetes. Now you might be surprised to learn the 26 million children and adults in the united states have diabetes. That's over eight percent of our population.

But did you know that close to 80 million people have pre-diabetes and most don't even know it. Those are frightening statistics.

So how can you know if you're at risk?

Well it's actually a lot easier than most people think. It's a very simple blood test that helps one to assess the relative risk for blood sugar issues. It's called a hemoglobin a1c, sometimes referred to as hbA1c, or just A1c test for short.
Nowadays you can easily do the test at home without having to test it in a lab, using a1c home test kit, or a glucometer widely available on the market. Ideally, your A1c test should be below 5.7% to be considered healthy.
Blood Glucose and A1C Test Range

Perhaps you've heard of A1c, but what exactly is it?

Here's a little bit of background information. Hemoglobin is a protein found in your red blood cells and glucose is a type of sugar which helps to provide energy for your body.

When too much glucose is in your bloodstream, it cross links to the hemoglobin in your red blood cells. This cross-linking of approaching in sugar molecule is called glycation, not a desirable reaction. The glycated hemoglobin is now called A1C.

Now we need to have a general understanding as to how hemoglobin a1c works

So let's just suppose that last week your blood sugar was running a little high. What happened?
Well, more glucose lead to your hemoglobin.

Now this week you've been good and your glucose is under better control, but your red blood cells still carry the memory of last week's high glucose in the form of a1c. However these memories are constantly changing as old red blood cells are being replaced with new ones.

So in simple terms, the amount of A1C in your blood reflects blood sugar control over the past 3 to 4 months. The life of your red blood cells. This is different than a standard fasting glucose which is just a single snapshot in time. But what is unique and great about the HbA1c test is that it looks at how your glucose has been doing over this three to four month time period and that is powerful and helpful information.

A1CNOW SelfCheck At Home A1c System

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Complete A1C Diabetes Testing Kits

  • Lab accurate
  • National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program certified
  • Results in 5 minutes
  • Small blood sample needed. Only 5μL.
  •  Easy to use
  •  No maintainence
  • This test is great for home use monitoring of glycemic control in patients with diabetes or pre diabetes for prevention. This kit is available on walmart, amazon, walgreens, or your local drugstore. 

What's in it?

  • 1 Quick Reference Guide
  • 1 Overview and Helpful Hints
  • 1 A1CNow Self Check Monitor
  • 2 Single-Use Cartridges
  • 2 Shaker Pouches
  • 2 Lancets

Demonstration of the a1c Now Plus System


The system consists of three main components

  • A monitor
  • A sample dilution kit pouch including a sampler and a blood collector
  • A test cartridge pouch including a test cartridge. NOTE: the cartridge pouch should not be opened until you are instructed to do so.
Before starting your test, make sure you read all instructions identify the main three test components and make sure that all lot numbers match.


  • Open the sampler pouch removing the sampler and the blood collector device.
  • Lance finger drawing adequate blood sample collect the blood using the blood collector device. Make sure the blood collector device is completely filled.
  • Plug the blood collector device into the sampler body. Push firmly to ensure that the blood collector device is inserted all the way. There should be no gap.
  • Shake the sampler six to eight times to allow for sufficient mixing.
  • Set the sampler down on the table while the test cartridge is prepared.
  • Open the test Partridge pouch and remove the test cartridge. Ensure that the code number on the test cartridge matches the number on the monitor.
  • Insert the test cartridge into the monitor, it should click into place. The monitor then will run through an internal self test and display WAIT. Wait for the monitor to display SMPL before proceeding.
  • Pick up the sampler device and remove the base piece exposing the plunger.
  • Deliver the sample into the test cartridge by pressing the plunger into the test area of the monitor and removing immediately.
  • Press down gently and remove quickly. The sample is delivered in one second, do not keep pushing.
  • The monitor will count down five minutes and display the results. Do not disturb the test cartridge and monitor during this time.   


Key Points  

The following are some of the key points you need to remember when using the a1c now plus system.
  1. It is important that the correct amount of blood is drawn into the blood collector device.
  2. Make sure that the blood fills all the way, also make sure that there is not a lot of excess blood.
  3. When inserting the blood collector device into the sampler make sure to press firmly and ensure that the blood collector device is inserted all the way. There should be no gap between the two pieces.
  4. Make sure you shake the sampler 6 to 8 times. This ensures the mixing of the blood and is an important step/
  5. When delivering the sample into the test cartridge remember to press down gently for just one second and remove immediately. Do not keep pushing.

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#1 Best A1c Test Kit For SelfCheck At Home
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